"Amazing service, office and personality! I got the lash lift and tint for the first time here and she explained what she was doing every step of the way. Isabelle also educated me about other skin care procedures and can tell she has a true passion for her profession and people. I was very impressed and will most definitely be going back!"

In short, Missy is the epitome of quality - from products to customer service. Services with such ethical values need to flourish. I wish she has the energy and luck to grow into a brand. Hopefully, you will support her as well.

I have had facials with Missy. I am not into self-care and tried multiple places for facials. Missy stands out from the rest for professionalism, candor, and product quality. I approached her with concerns about my facial skin but not invested interest because all the places I experienced until then felt superficial. When I first spoke to her (she called me back to my voicemail), she was very professional, authentic, and caring about my concerns. She listened to me patiently and started addressing my concerns. She did not hurry and took the time for me even before I was a customer. Her words gave me the assurance to book an appointment as I felt she cared for her patrons. Most other people did not even call back or had an attitude of “I am in a hurry, what do you want? Make it quick.”

I experienced her place to be very clean. No suds, not hard water stains, no bad smell. Everything was hygienic. This told me how much she cared for the equipment. She had a varied range of quality products. During the small talk, I learnt how accomplished she was in this industry. Yet, she was modest. She was careful and confident with needles during extractions. I never experienced this with any esthetician. People were too afraid to treat anything and advised me in return to exfoliate after namesake service. The facial was so calming and Missy addressed the immediate concerns I had. Missy was very efficient with the time during the service. She never rested and her massage during the facial was the best part. She exerted pressure for the products to absorb and for relaxation, unlike other places where they topically rub on you with minimal pressure for a few seconds.

Finally, she recommended me products that she thinks will work for me. When I made her aware that I recently bought a specific brand, she was immediately supportive of giving them a try. She never forced me into selling her products. She continued with the same behavior and level of service. This exemplified she was not purely money minded. I look forward for my appointments with her. - Sri Sri


I travel internationally and domestically and have never found someone that I trust more, Missy is simply the best.   She is knowledgeable about all treatments and knows what is happening in the world of "skin". Missy has been taking care of my face for about 10 years and and I totally trust her judgement as to what my skin needs and what are the best products/treatments for my skin.  I wouldn't go to anyone else!  Thank you for coming to Kalispell once a month!

Ann Marie 


Celebrity Testimonials of Neurotris Systems

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Marina Rust